Are Roof Ridge Vents Necessary?

Are Roof Ridge Vents Necessary?

Are Roof Ridge Vents Necessary? Well that’s a good question. The answer is that it depends on a number of factors… Seen on the majority of new homes, roof ridge vents are an easy and efficient technology that countless homeowners are tragically uninformed about. If you have a minute, we are going to give you some in-depth information about exactly what ridge vents are, how they work on your home and a list of roof ridge vent pros and cons. Hopefully, we will more than answer your question, “Are Roof Ridge Vents Necessary?” with this article…

Roof ridge vents improve attic and home ventilation and protect your roof from everyday problems that can potentiate over time in your home like

Moisture Buildup
Heat Buildup 
Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria Buildup
Rodent and Pest Entry
Poor Temperature Control Due to Poor Air Exchange

Are Roof Ridge Vents Necessary? Roof Ridge Vents 101

Homes that lack roof ridge vents have a tendency to suffer from issues that stem from a lack of ventilation in the home and attic. The root of the whole issue is that without proper ventilation in your roof, there is no escape route for outdoor air moving into the attic. You see, the main dilemma with conventional roofing is that the outdoor air flows into the attic, and then it has no way of escaping. 
That’s one problem that roof ridge vent was invented to remedy… Roof ridge-vent lets the outdoor air that enters into the attic to escape back out through the top of the roof. This creates even air exchange, preventing premature aging and cracking that is commonly caused by the constant overheating that causes the roofing membrane to wear out early, and damages the inside of your attic. 
Moisture gets released by common activities performed in the home, like running a washing machine, running a dishwasher or taking a shower. Moisture is one of the biggest causes of damage to walls, rafters, insulation, and shingles, in homes. 

Here's The Problem: Why You're Attic Needs Proper Ventilation

With inadequate ventilation in your attic, the sun’s rays during the summertime can create a huge accumulation of heat in your attic. The temperature in your attic can reach up to 140°F on a 90°F day. An overheated attic, when put together with moisture, can create problems, like damages to your roof decking and shingles.


The excess moisture and heat work together to make your roofing system and decking warped, causing the material to deteriorate prematurely. The heat that is absorbed in your attic can then seep into your living areas causing problems with your refrigerators and other appliances, and your air conditioning systems and fans.

What happens is that the heat causes your cooling systems and appliances to work harder, increasing energy bills and decreasing their life span.

A lack of proper attic ventilation can potentiate problems during the winter as well… What happens in the winter, is warm, moist air from the lower parts of the home rise naturally up through the ceiling into the attic. The warm air seeps quickly through the holes in your ceiling where electrical and plumbing fixtures have been installed.

Then, when the cold air in the attic meets the warm, moist air, it causes the air to condense on cold surfaces of rafters, nails and other metal, causing rust and corrosion, which, as you already might know, eats away at the metal, causing problems with maintenance and eventually irreparable damages to the metal.

According to his article entitled Mold, Moisture, and Your Home on the InterNACHI® website, leaks in your roofing membrane or insufficient ventilation are two major causes of mold and mildew in homes. Mold and mildew, as you might already know can lead to a number if issues, even health issues if not addressed in time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Roof Ridge Vent

So finally, to answer your question, “Are Roof Ridge Vents Necessary?” the answer is no. But ventilation in your roof definitely is necessary, and roof ridge vent offers several advantages to home and building owners, not just ventilation. That being said, here a list of advantages and disadvantages of roof ridge vent:

Advantages of Roof Ridge Vent

  • More Balanced Temperature in Your Home
  • Aesthetically Appealing on Your Home
  • Prevents Rodents from Entering the Attic
  • Promotes Natural Air Flow     
  • No Other Roof Ventilation Systems Are Needed    
  • Weather Changes will not Affect Roof Ridge Vent

Disadvantages of Roof Ridge Vent

  • Not Suitable for All Homes
  • Could Leak in Heavy Rains
  • Cost is Higher to Install Ridge Vents
  • Not Suitable for  Warmer Clients
  • Must be Installed on Roof Ridge
Are Roof Ridge Vents Necessary? - Final Thoughts

To summarize, with the proper roof ventilation installed in your roof, you can enjoy the advantages of a properly ventilated home, avoiding troublesome problems and costly issues that can potentially arise during the summer and winter months from a lack of sufficient ventilation. Sellers Roofing Company adheres to and stays informed about all local, state, and international building codes regarding moisture, roof ventilation, and any other building codes that pertain to our line of business.

If you believe that your home is suffering from a lack of proper ventilation or would like a quote on roof ridge vent installation, give us a call during normal business hours at (651)703-2336 or click any of the buttons on our site like the one below to schedule a free, no-hassle estimate!

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