Green Roof Advantages and Disadvantages

Green Roof Advantages and Disadvantages

Green Roof Advantages & Disadvantages


With all of the choices of roofing materials that have become available over the past 20-30 years as technology has progressed in the roofing industry, green roofs are among the most energy efficient choices. Green roofs have become more and more popular in the commercial sector because of their natural ability to save energy, but what about for homeowners?

This article will go over green roof advantages and disadvantages with you, so if you’ve been thinking of investing in one, you can make an educated decision on what’s best for your project. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about green roofs and get recommendations on other energy efficient roofing materials!

Green Roof Advantages


  • Cost-efficiency: Over 50 percent of installation costs  lower maintenance and reduced energy usage over the lifetime

  • Energy savings2-3 story building  15-25 percent, saving summer compared to their energy costs without one.

  • Cooler Air in the Home:

  • Stormwater Retention – Green roofs cut down on stormwater management, keeping stormwater out of our drains and gutters, and improving the quality of drinking water

  • Long Lifespan: Lower long-term maintenance:

  • Reduces Heat Flux

  • Provides Extra Insulation:

Green Roof Disadvantages


As you can see, green roofs offer an amazing value to the structure and the environment. Their lifespan when installing and maintained properly is, more than double the life expectancy of conventional roofs. There are a few disadvantages associated with owning a green roof that you need to be aware of before investing in one.

  • Limited Choice of Plants

  • Maintenance Costs – This roof type calls for constant maintenance compared to traditional roofs which require very little.

  • Declining Market Value – A degraded or improperly maintained green roof could likely reduce the market value of your property to potential buyers later on down the road. This may result in buyers demanding major discounts for repairing, reconstructing, replacing the green roof.

  • Possibility of Accidents – Due to the weight of a green roof, structural malfunction or even collapsing of the roof gives way for a potential to cause accidents.

  • Damage from Leaks – Green roofs leak like any other roof. The membrane can get pierced or damaged,

  • Structural Limitations – If you choose an intensive roof (rooftop garden is another name for them) you may need structural reinforcements.

  • Limited Choice of Plants – Extensive roofs tend to offer fewer choices in plants than intensive roofs

Green Roof Advantages and Disadvantages – Final Thoughts

We hope that this short article has helped put the green roof advantages and disadvantages in perspective for you. If you still have questions, you can give us a call during normal business hours at or click any of the green buttons on our site to have a member of our team call you back, and we would be glad to give you our expert opinion!


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