What Does Hail Damage Look Like On Roof?

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What is Hail?

For a thorough knowledge of expected hail damage on roof caused by hail, we must elaborate it a bit technical. Hail is raindrops (precipitation) that amass together and then freeze into large pieces of ice while inside thunderstorm updrafts.

These updrafts pull raindrops upwards into very cold areas of the atmosphere. As soon as the temperatures get low to the freezing point, hailstones are formed.

Why Is Hail so Damaging on Roof?

The more the hailstones are carried around by the updraft, the more rain particles hit the pieces of hail that are already frozen: causing larger, heavier, and larger and more damaging.

One of the reasons for the damaging effects of hails is their size. Hailstones have been recorded to be 4.5 inches in diameter or weighing up to 1.9 pounds. The second reason is the awful speed they attain while falling to the ground. Hail can fall with a speed of up to 120 miles per hour!

Just think, when a constant downpour of such mighty hailstones knocks on your roof, how can the poor roof escape the damage?

What To Look For To Check Your Roof For Any Signs Of Hail Damage?

Standing on the ground, you may find it quite difficult to perceive the hail damage on roof. But our experience says that if you see the following items damaged from hail, possibilities for your roof damage are higher.

  • Dented gutters or downspouts.
  • Damaged window sills, metal flashing of chimneys, and siding.
  • Defaced decks and other wooden surfaces.
  • Cracked or broken glass vents and skylights.
  • Dinted air conditioning units, covers, and sheds.

How Does Hail Damage Look Like on Roof and What can it Cause?

You should go up there on your roof (if you find it safe) or call a professional to spot the signs of hail damage on roof and look for the following signs. Here you’ll also discover how bad these signs can be.

·         Granules Loss

If you see any granules in your yard, gutters and downspouts after a hailstorm, it’s a sign of hail damage to your roof. Asphalt shingles have a protective layering of granules that come off if your roof is hit by a hailstorm. This granule loss causes the asphalt coating to be exposed to the elements, which can accelerate the rate of deterioration of your roof shingles.

·         Discoloration

If you want to check hail damage on wooden shingles or asphalt shingles, your roof may show some discolored spots-dark or light- after a hailstorm. It is also a sign of granules damage that shows the weakened protective layer of your roof. This discoloration is a hint that soon your roof is going to develop cracks, holes, or dents.

·         Cracks

Quite common as a strong hailstorm with big hailstones hit your roof, hail damage on asphalt shingle roofs and other roofing materials like clay, concrete, slate and tile roofs can create a risk of getting cracks. Otherwise, if the hails are not that much stronger, your roof may still develop unaligned or displaced roof tiles by the wind and hails, creating gaps between them. These cracks or gaps can cause leaks into your home by letting water in: a nasty happening no one wants to experience.

·         Puncture and Indentation

If you see holes or dents on your metal roof after a hail storm, it is quite a sign that the roof shingles have been damaged and need a replacement. This may also happen to the wood and asphalt shingles too. Once the roof shingles get holes in them, they are no longer effective at protecting your home against the moods of seasons and weather.

·         Exposed Sub-layer of Roofing

Beneath the shingles on your roof, there is a sub-layer. The roof shingles are attached to a layer called matting. Shingles are attached to this layer which may become delicate if exposed. This exposure can lead to rips and tears that in turn expose your roof and attic to outer elements, causing major leaks.

·         Unstable stripping

Hail can destabilize the stripping that seals the asphalt onto your sub-roofing (matting). It can cause a shingle to detach and may leave your roof exposed to the weather resulting in potential damages to your home like leaking.

What If I See Hail Damage on Roof?

No sooner you discover either of the above-mentioned signs of hail damage on roof, ask for professional roofing service to avoid serious maintenance problems. If you need roof hail damage assessments, repair of hail damage on roof, and hail damaged roof insurance claims, just give us a call to get the best service with solutions to all your roofing problems!

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