Hip vs Gable Roof - Learn the Difference Easily! (with Pics)

Hip vs Gable Roof – Learn the Difference Easily! (with Pics)

If you were wondering what the difference is between a Hip vs Gable Roof, we’re going to give you a little bit more than that! We have the answer to your question, but since you came to a roofing site, we are also going to give you some tips to look out for in case you are trying to roof one of them!  Sellers Roofing Company has been in business for over 12 years, and we’ve been on thousands of roofs of all shapes and sizes…. We are hoping that this information helps out anyone just wondering what the difference between gable and hip style roofs, or maybe some homeowners or new roofers that may be facing an upcoming job!



Hip vs Gable Roof

Below, you will find easy descriptions of what the differences between hip vs gable roof, so you can get a clear picture of what their differences are, and know when you see them how to tell them apart. Below this section, you will find some roofing tips for each style, so don’t leave without grabbing those! 

Hip vs Gable Roof - Gable Roof Clipart

Gable Roof Description

Hip vs Gable Roof 


If you want very easy way to remember what a gable roof is, a gable roof is the common roof style roof design with two main sides sides. A Gable roof is the kind of roof that you see kids typically drawing when they draw a house. (or a front-gabled home) Gable roofs are a very popular roof style, and they come in different styles such as; a side gable roof, a crossed gable roof,  a front gable roof, and a Dutch gable roof, just to name a few. 

Gable roofs have two main sides that angle downward in opposite directions away from a peak that that come together in the middle to form the roof ridge. (to your left) Gable roofs are inexpensive, simple, and tend to be more waterproof than other types of roofs due to the common slope of the pitch compared to other pitched roof styles.Gable roofs also are simpler to build and offer more attic space than hip roofs.

Hip Roof Definition

Hip vs Gable Roof 

A hip rood or “hipped roof” can be identified by the shapes of the sides. A hip roof has two sides that are triangular, and two sides that are trapezoidal,. The trapezoidal sides are what comes together to form the roof’s ridge, like you see in the picture. (to your right)

Hip roofs are better suited for hurricane prone regions due to the fact that they have less diagonal bracing, self bracing with their own weight because of the sloped ends. Hip roofs also offer more resistance against high winds, because they have four sides have the four sides. Hip roofs are nice during the winter, because the snow doesn’t build up on them. They are however more complex to build, and they leave less room for an attic. This reduces your living space, but when you add up all of the benefits, that’s not too much to deal with… 

Hip vs Gable Roof - Clipart of a Hip Roof

Gable Roof Tips

Hip vs Gable Roof

  • Without ample supports, high winds can cause gable roofs to collapse 
  • Winds can cause the roof to detach from the walls if the overhang is too far on edges
  • Roof gable roofs with almost any shingle, including asphalt shingles, metal, clay, cedar shakes, or concrete tiles.
  • Use metal shingles or standing seam to help prevent roof leaks if there are hips and valleys on your gable roof
  • For snowy regions use at least a 10/12 pitch or 40° angle to keep snow buildup down

Hip Roof Tips

Hip vs Gable Roof

  • Use the recommended pitch of 4/12-6/12 for high wind areas, or areas prone to strong storms 
  • On hip roofs with the addition of a dormer, the extra seams can allow water leaks to form in the valleys, use extra precaution to roof those areas correctly
  • Hip roofs can be covered with just about any roofing material, including shingles, metal, or tiles.
  • Proper construction and proper maintenance is very important on hip roofs to prevent problems in the long run

Hip vs Gable Roof - Final Thoughts

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