How Do Roof Damage Insurance Claims Work?

How Do Roof Damage Insurance Claims Work?

Are you confused as to whether the roof  damage is covered by your home insurance policy? If so, you have come to the right place. Unexpected roof damage is usually covered by most home insurance policies. Whether your roof is damaged due to falling debris or a storm, your home policy will cover the cost of repairing the roof. But claiming for roof damage due to a storm isn’t always easy. Some policies may include a stipulation limiting how much you could claim depending on the age of your roof. The full value of the roof is covered if the roof is less than 10 years old.  But if your roof is older than a decade, the insurance provider will limit your claim by calculating the depreciated value of your roof.

Here is the process to follow when claiming for roof damage from your home insurance provider

Step-1 – A hailstorm or windstorm hits your roof. You find significant damage to the roof while inspecting it after the storm.

Step-2 – You need to secure the roof area to limit further damage to it. In case you find a hole in the roof, place a tarp over the hole. This will prevent further damage to the roof as well as flooding in your home.

Step-3 – Call the toll free 24-7 number of your home insurance provider to start the claims process. The insurance provider will provide further instructions on the process and give you a claim number.

Step-4 – The insurance provider may immediately recommend a roof restoration company in the area to secure the damage if the roof is severely damaged. This is important to prevent further damage.

Step-5 – An adjuster will visit the scene to inspect the roof and assess the type of damage.  He will help determine what is covered under your policy and what is not.

Step-6 – The insurance provider will process your claim and determine whether you need to repair or replace the entire roof – depending on the terms of your home insurance policy.

The above is the process that a home insurance company uses to process roof damage due to a storm in an ideal situation.

But in an actual situation, the insurance provider may dispute certain aspects of your claim. That’s why you need to work with a public adjuster to handle the claim and make sure you receive the maximum possible amount of compensation.

What Type Of Roof Damage Isn’t Covered By Home Insurance?

The average home insurance policy will cover roof leak and similar damages. Your home insurance policy will cover the cost of repairing the roof when it has been damaged due to wind, fire, or hailstorm. If your roof starts to leak due to the fire, hail, or wind damage, the policy will cover the costs of repairing the damage caused by the leak.


Here are some types of roof damages that aren’t covered by the average home insurance policy:

·  Damage due to wear and tear on an old roof

· Damages caused due to poor maintenance. For example, in case you have ignored a roof leak for years, you cannot claim for damages caused due to that leak.

· If your policy has excluded wind and hail damages, you can’t claim for roof damages caused due to wind and hail. Damages caused due to your failure to take immediate action after a storm – For example, in case you didn’t cover the hole with a tarp as soon as the damage occurred, you cannot claim even if the original damage leads to more water damage. Make sure you consult your home policy to see what is covered and what is not! How To Handle Roof Inspections And Roof Repair Estimates?

A proper roof inspection is crucial to the success of filing a claim for roof damage.

When you have an, accurate roof damage estimation, you can easily process the rest of the claim. It will help you get the maximum amount of money from the insurance provider to repair or replace your damaged roof. On the other hand, a bad estimate can ruin your chances of claiming the maximum amount of money for roof damages.

You should rely on a public adjuster or a professional roofing contractor to obtain an estimate on the roof damages. A professional contractor will climb the roof and inspect the damages before giving you a correct estimate to repair or replace the roof. Many public adjusters specialize in roof inspections in regions such as Minnesota and South Dakota – two areas where hail storm damages are frequent.

You don’t need to hire a contractor and an adjuster to inspect the damage to your roof. Instead, get a public adjuster to assist with the inspection and the claim process. Your home insurance provider will also send an adjuster to inspect the roof.

The company’s adjuster will come up with different results for the cause of damages and costs of repairs. Make sure you rely on an experienced public adjuster in the area to get the maximum amount of money to repair or replace your roof.






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