How does a roof insurance claim work

How does a roof insurance claim work

Anytime you are forced to deal with your insurance company the process is often lengthy, confusing, and in many cases frustrating. This can be especially true when filing a commercial or residential claim for roof damage. So I have decided my years of experience as a roofing contractor, to put this article together. I hope to make the process more transparent and offer you a step-by-step walk through of how a roof insurance claim should work.

#1 Do your due diligence

When it comes to the roof of your premises, I would always advise that you take a proactive approach. It’s never a good idea to reach for the next storm to call some unexpected damage. One of the easiest ways to prevent this happening, it’s a schedule an annual inspection from a local professional contractor. Outside of an annual roof inspection, you should always get a professional to cast an eye over your roof after any severe weather conditions.

This whole process should be carefully documented taking both videos or pictures. The more evidence you can collect the stronger your case will be in the event of any roofing claim. It’s also a good idea to scan your insurance documents to know exactly what your policy covers to see if there are any limits or deductibles attached to your roofing cover.

#2 Contact a local roofing contractor

The first thing you should do after any severe weather events, contact a local roofing contractor. Most contractors will offer you a roof inspection completely free of charge and give you an estimate on the spot. Your insurance company might look for documenting evidence of your contractor’s license at a later date. Also, any shoddy workmanship, completed by an unlicensed contractor could lead to more costly damage later.

An experienced contractor will able to accurately estimate the cost of any damages. This will be able to help you make a comprehensive insurance claim. In the event that your roof will need to be fully replaced, they will provide you with an accurate estimate of the amount of time it will take to fully complete the project.

#3. Filing your insurance claim

As soon as your roofing contractor has completed the evaluation of your roof and given you your estimate. It’s important to report the incident to your insurance provider immediately A claims adjuster will be appointed to your case, and he or she will come to your house to assess the damage. They will provide you with an estimate of what they will cover. It is very helpful to have a professional roofing contractor present when the claims adjuster is doing the evaluation. The experience of a roofing contractor will help point out exactly what harm has been caused due to storm damage.

#4 Repair or replace your roof

Once your claim has been fully approved and documented by the insurance company, the next step is to have the roof repaired or replaced. When working with a commercial or residential roofer. It’s essential that you only employ fully licensed and skilled contractors, this will ensure that your investment will be fully protected.

#5 Roofing clam FAQ’s

Here are some of those frequently asked questions that I have received about how roofing insurance claims should work.

How long does a roof claim take?

Once your insurance claim has been filed, an adjuster will make an appointment to see your home to fully inspect the extent of the damage. Depending on the magnitude of the storm, this may take up to two months, due to the volume of claims they are processing. Once the adjuster has totaled your claims you should receive and loss statement within two weeks as well as the first check.

Why has depreciation been factored into my insurance claim?

This is a common factor taken into account by all insurance companies. Despite the fact that you might have spent thousands of dollars on your roof 10 or 20 years ago, Most companies don’t consider you roof to have the same value today. Depreciation is the term used to describe what the insurance company considers is the life expectancy of your current items

Depreciation is the term used to describe what the insurance company considers is the life expectancy of all of your current items. This is why understanding your insurance policy is so important. Because depending on its terms and conditions, this depreciation can be recovered on the completion of your claim and the work.

Why should I have my roof inspected after every storm?

If you think about this carefully, it’s not really a difficult question to answer. Your premises cannot function without a roof., especially as these are so easily damaged by storms.. If you decide to inspect your roof, you may overlook the damage that could prove very costly in the future. Unfortunately, roofing is not going to heal itself, small damage will eventually become big damage. Worse, it will become far more costly to fix. Also, most insurance policies allow you12 months in which you can file a claim.

ACV and RCV, what’s the difference?

Insurance companies have two distinctly different ways to evaluate roofing insurance claims. They will look at the ACV (actual cash value) of your roof and the RCV (replacement cost value). RCV policies are by far the most common in the case of a successful claim the insurance company will cover the full cost of a replacement minus any deductible is. If you hold an ACV policy, your insurance company will consider depreciation on the age of your roof and also how common surfing weather conditions are where you live. They will then offer you an amount, minus their calculated depreciation and deductible.

Things that some roof insurance policies will not cover

  • Older roofs with noticeable wear and tear

  • Damage that was caused because you didn’t take immediate action after a storm.

  • Damage due to willful neglect of your roof

It’s important to remember that the insurance claim process can be very lengthy and involve numerous other follow-up calls and research. Having an experienced roofing contractor helps you with both saving you time and money and a lot of stress. If you believe that your roof is damaged and is in need of repair or replacement. Would you do just like to schedule a cost-free evaluation, please be not hesitate to contact us




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