How Many Air Vents Do I Need on My Roof?

How Many Air Vents Do I Need on My Roof?


Let’s face it, men aren’t as handy as they used to be. In years past if you asked the average man how many air vents you’d need for your roof he’d have an answer for you and probably a story or two to go along with it. Today most guys would have to look it up on their phone and still wouldn’t have a complete understanding of it. It’s okay because the world has been changing and as long as there are roofing professionals out there to do the job, you don’t have to be an expert handyman anymore. You should however at least learn the basics like how many air vents you’d need on your roof. 

How Many Air Vents Do You Need?

According to the U.S. Federal Housing Authority, you should have at least 1 square foot of ventilation for every 300 square feet of floor space in an attic. This should be split equally between the intake and exhaust.   

If you want to get an approximation of how many air vents that your roof should have on your own, you’ll have to do some measuring. You’ll need the square footage of your attic to calculate the number of roof vents that you should need. 

For example, if you have 1200 square feet of attic space, you should need at least 4 air vents to ensure proper ventilation. 

Keep in mind, you should always consult with a professional roofing company when determining how many air vents your roof should have. Some local building codes carry special considerations that take precedence. It’s especially important to speak with a roofing service if you have a cathedral ceiling or an insulated roof deck.    

Types of Air Vents

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t mix and match different types of roof vents unless you have several attics that are separated and are not connected.

Powered Vents

Powered vents are electric, modern, and customizable. They use electricity to keep air out of your attic and keep it cool. When it comes to powered vents, you have plenty of options in color and shape and will easily be able to find one that matches your home.  

Ridge Vents 

Ridge vents are among the most efficient types of roof vents. They are extremely effective at keeping moisture and hot out of your attic. Ridge vents don’t create hot or cold spots which means you won’t have problems from parts of your roof aging differently than others.   

Gable Vents

Gable vents ventilate air in a similar manner as ridge vents. They are placed on both sides of a gable roof and help keep your attic cool. Unlike ridge vents which are practically invisible, gable vents add a unique architectural element to your home. There is some room for customization with gable vents. They don’t just reduce your utility bill and keep moisture out, they make your house look good! 

Cupola Vents

Cupola vents are favored for their quaint aesthetic quality. It’s recommended that you use them in combination with static roof ventilation to increase their efficiency, Unless they are paired with static roof ventilation, cupola vents are considered to be pretty but largely inefficient in terms of function. 

The Importance of Proper Ventilation

Having the correct amount of air vents on your roof is imperative. Benefits of having the right amount of air vents include in-home temperature control and energy efficiency. You’ll save a bundle on heating and experience fewer problems with moisture in your attic. The number of air vents you have also plays a key role in improving the longevity of your shingles. 

If you don’t have the right number of air vents, you will eventually run into some expensive problems. An excess of moisture in the attic is never a good thing and it can lead to an overgrowth of mold which can be costly and hazardous to remove. Even worse is the possibility of black mold which brings down property value like crazy. The condition of your shingles will also decline precipitously if you have the incorrect amount of air vents and leave the problem unchecked. 

Installing the proper amount of air vents is infinitely less expensive than having to spring for a new roof because your shingles are ruined.  

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