How to build a home bar on a budget

How to build a home bar on a budget

Building a bar at home, what you need to think about 


How to build a home bar on a budget ? Once an individual decides to go for and get a home bar, there are a number of questions that have to be asked to ensure that one is ready. Some of these questions include; where the bar will fit and look good? What are the choices in place? Whether the individual will be able to install it by himself, or he will have to let a contractor do it?

How the home bar will be built on budget? Based on these questions, one can be able to work through the whole system and come up with the right plan. Therefore, it is important to take a deep breath and read on before settling on the home bar that is right for the house.

Working out a budget

When starting a home bar, the key thing that one needs to remember is the budget. It is important to set the budget for the initial bar set up and also a monthly budget that will help in replenishing the favorite beverages or adding new ones.

In case one stick to a budget, it is possible to save money given that one can create a place for himself or herself as well as for the close friend who may want to spend time.

with him instead of going out to a local bar. After establishing the budget and setting up a space for the bar, the next step is going shopping. It is important to learn the things that every bar should have in addition to the obvious booze, especially in the first bar stoking trip.

Setting up a mini bar

How to build a home bar on a budget


It is simple to set up a back bar or a freestanding. However, a built-in will need more skills to set it up. In most cases, minibars are set up with a range of ready-made bar cabinets which you can easily get in the range of $200-$400. The key requirement of a small home bar includes; storage and a counter.

However, there are a number of key accessories that one may need to consider including a refrigerated keg and tap that is ideal for bear: a freezer for keeping ice at hand ($120-$150); a fridge to keep juices and wines cool; a blender for making it easy to offer frozen cocktails and drinks as well as wine bottles stored in a wine cooler or a wooden rack.

It is important to position the bar in a manner that the bartender can get behind with ease and where he or she can move around comfortable once he gets there.

Stoles positions in front of the bar need not block the traffic flow. It is key to ensure that power outlets are easily reachable while the circuit needs to deliver the required power. Shelves positioned under the bar or on the wall behind can be used to store glassware or liquor.

Traditionally, mirrors are placed being the bark décor while there should also be a large flat screen TV and ensure that people sitting at the bar get a chance of enjoying entertainment or sports. Having overhead racks in place also aids in providing attractive storage for glassware while task lighting comes in handy in providing a nice touch of accent lighting.

Using a contractor

In case one decides to turn the upscale home bar to a full-sized room such as in the basement recreational room, a contractor can come in handy given that he or she is able to get any permits required before the construction thus ensuring satisfaction.

The contractor can also help in plumbing for a sink with running water, electrical outlets, lighting, and fridge. In case one is able to do all the work by himself or herself, it is important to contact a contractor so as to design the renovation, and all this will cost you around $100.

Home bar themes

In most cases, home bars are either contemporary or classic. One can settle for a theme of the space and tuck a traditional bar besides a pool table. One can have a bamboo tiki bar near the pool. One may also settle for a bar that reflects the architecture and style of their home, such as craftsman or colonial costing you additional $50.

Over the bar, there are a number of choices: one can settle on a 70s glamor which has a couple of cool glitter balls or a kitsch cocktail style with a blow-up cacturs or pink flamingos. One can also go for an 80s chic by trying to get hold of a neon bar sign or neon strip lighting that add value to the bar area.

Stocking your home bar

After finishing and furnishing the bar, one can go ahead and stock it with the best mix of drinks and beverages. Some of the suggestions include gin, cassis, whiskey, tequila, brandy, vodka, orange liqueur, and Drambuie. There should also be few bottles of sour mix, soda water, and juices. You can stockpile your mini bar in the range of $150-$200.


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