How to Build a Porch Roof

How to Build a Porch Roof

If you are a homeowner and you work with your hands, you’re likely to be wondering at some point how to build a porch roof. While we are do-it-yourselfers like you, we’re also experienced tradesmen and roofers, and we wanted to make sure that you understand a few things before you get started. 

Properly planned out and constructed  porch roof will be able to resist high and low temperatures,  where’s this rain, snow, ice, and more… And that’s just one important factor that we need to get on your mind before we even get you started on how to build a porch roof.

If you keep reading, we will give you a list of easy, step by step instructions on how to build a porch roof. Plus, we’ll give you a few things that you need to take into consideration ahead of time to make sure that your project goes as smooth as possible.

In the end, we want to keep you in compliance with any local and international building codes, and make sure you get the best quality roof for your porch!

So here we go…

How to Build A Porch Roof - Veccteezy Image of Roof Styles

How to Build A Porch Roof - Important First Steps

If your a homeowner, the roof of your house may look like the most convenient place to attach the roof for your porch. But there are a couple of things that you want to consider ahead of time from a coding, safety, and quality perspective before you get started. Depending on what style roof you have in mind, the overall structural integrity of your porch roof could end up tied to the roof of your house.

Limitations may come into play depending on the design of your roof, the angle you want for your porch roof, and any obstacles that you may have to work around. Here is a list of questions you want to answer before proceeding, like:

  • What is the pitch of your existing roof?
  • Is stucco or brick involved? (That’s added issues to work around.)
  • Will your roof be a common detached porch structure, (like a carport) or a gable or shed roof style with vaulted interior finishes?
  • Are there gables, jacks, trees, or anything else that you will need to work around?

Assuming you know all this, and depending on what you are up against, you could be looking at anything from simply deciding on a different roof style or height limitations due to varius limitations, to something small like removing a tree, or relocating a vent. Worse case we’ve ever run into is having to remove or replacing a window with a patch of roof slope. Just be careful that you don’t take out a bedroom window that you should have been working around that’s required by code for egress!

How to Build A Porch Roof - Determining Pitch

Once you look at the architecture and decide if anything’s in the way, the next thing to take into account is the pitch of both of the roofs that you want to put on. For instance, if your existing roof is a 12 12,   then you’re porch roof is going to need to match that. In other words, if your existing roof is a 12 and 12, anyting noticeably less of a pitch than that like a 412 is going to be tacky looking and appear like you just stuck it on there.  How ever wide you want the porch to be  and the distance vertically between the porch deck and the windows on that side of the house going to determine how high your  porch roof can be.

Example : If your windows measure 12 feet off the ground the deck, and the porch you want to build is going to be 16 ft wide width 8 ft walls, then your porch can only have a 4:12 pitch. (Best accounting for rafter depth oh, your roof sheathing, and your 6 inches of flashing.)

How to Build a Porch Roof - Steps to Build the Roof

  1. Draw Out Your Plans – It’s better to invest time and energy thinking out how to build a porch roof before beginning. Ensure that the plans are exactly how you want them, then proceed.
  3. Make Sure Your Porch Deck is Level You will need to ensure that the deck of your porch or patio is level. In the event that it’s not level, you should fix this before trying to apply the roof.
  5. Install Your Supporting Beams –Think about where you want the beams that will support your new roof to go, and mark these on the ground with a stake, so you know where to you want to dig to put the posts. When you can visualize your project, and you are happy with the way the area looks, dig the holes for the posts. At that point, put the posts into the ground, and secure them with cement.
  7. IMPORTANT TIP: While they’re drying, it’s a good idea to support them. Also, inserting rebar in the cement, and drilling holes in the end of your posts will keep them from moving on you.
  9. Fasten the Top Plate – Now, connect the top plate, measured to the size of your new roofed space to the hold the posts. This will connect the posts all together, creating a square.
  11. Securing the Rafters- At this point it’s time to fit the rafters. Rafters can all be carefully cut to the appropriate length from lumber and afterward fitted so they are cozy and exact. At this point, you can either make a birds-mouth cut in the rafters, or connect them with metal brackets. Ensure everything is exactly level one more time.
  13. Roof Covering – Next, cover the rooftop utilizing a ½” sheet of plywood. Install the plywood so that the wood hangs somewhat over the edge of the rooftop to help with run-off. And finally, cover the rooftop with shingles of your choice, and nail them into the plywood and rafter.
Final Thoughts On How to Build a Porch Roof

We hope this blog has been informational, or at least help you through the process of how to build a porch roof.  it wasn’t intended to be a guide, but more of a helper, assuming you already had some experience with construction.  if you know anyone that this information will help out, please rate and share this post for us, and if you need any professional Roofing work done or the help of an experienced roofer, click the green button below to get a free estimate!


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