How to Start Remodeling a Bathroom

How to Start Remodeling a Bathroom

How to Start Remodeling a Bathroom

While the bathroom may not be most people’s first thought when it comes to home improvement, it’s actually host to a lot of decorating options. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or in the market for a new home, these are some, thing that you should keep in mind.


Think Function First


Bathrooms serve a specific purpose, and they’re the only room in the house that serves that purpose. It’s important to keep the bathroom’s function in mind when you’re remodeling. You’ll need the typical items – sinks, showers and toilets – but you can also include extras. For example, you can put a seat in your shower or include a linen closet.

Storage is also very important in the bathroom – when you’re tired in the morning, you don’t want to have to go on a mission to find your toothpaste. Using your space appropriately can ensure that you have all of your necessities stored conveniently.

How to Start Remodeling a Bathroom - A Newly Remodeled Bathroom with FLowered Shower Curtain and New Flooring




Consider what kind of flooring you want in your bathroom. Tile and marble both have benefits and drawbacks, functionally and aesthetically speaking. Make sure that the surface you choose can stand up to constant wear. You’ll also want to keep comfort in mind – do you want polished marble, which may be slippery and cold underfoot, or would you prefer a more textured tile? You’ll be stepping on it several times a day, so it’s important to choose something you’ll like for years to come.


How to Start Remodeling a Bathroom - A Newly Remodeled Bathroom with FLowered Shower Curtain and New Flooring - Bathroom Lighting Picture Showing Light Entering a New Bathroom Remodel from a Small Window



The lighting in your bathroom is also important, although it’s perhaps more subtle than the flooring. The bathroom is where you’ll be getting ready every day, so having lighting that makes you look natural in a mirror is important. For example, fluorescent lights cast a more bluish glow than the yellow color of incandescent bulbs. The

placement of the lights is also important, so that they’ll provide great illumination for putting on make-up as well as for more general lighting purposes.


How to Start Remodeling a Bathroom - A Newly Remodeled Bathroom with Blue and White Bathroom Motif

The Motif

The motif for your bathroom doesn’t have to fall into the typical patterns. Many people equate the bathroom with the beach and decorate accordingly, but you don’t have to fall back on blue paint and seashell encrusted soap dispensers. Feel free to decorate in whichever style suits your tastes. You can also choose fixtures in a style that matches your overall theme.



There are a lot of options for making your bathroom an attractive part of your home. Since you use it every day, it’s important for it to be comfortable and appealing – keeping these tips in mind while you remodel will ensure that you always enjoy your bathroom.


Video on How to Start Remodeling a Bathroom


The video above will show you a walk-through of  a full bathroom remodel.  In the video, the remodeling expert will be allowing you to watch as he goes through a full bathroom remodeling job, step by step from start to finish. We hope that watching someone remove and replace the tile, and put in a new tub, wall, vanity, flooring, and lighting will help you get a better idea of how your project should go.


How to Start Remodeling a Bathroom

We hope that this post on how to start remodeling a bathroom has been useful. We just wanted to share a quick post to help you better prepare for the job when it comes up in your own home.


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