Mobile Home Roof Repair Guidelines

Mobile Home Roof Repair Guidelines

Mobile home roofs, such as the roofs on residential and commercial buildings, are prone to damage due to various factors. These factors include harsh weather such as snowstorms, heavy rainfall, hail, and so on. Certain mobile home roof repair guidelines can be helpful in resolving mobile home roof damage. However, before starting on the roof repair process, it is important to identify the type of damage caused to the roof.

Identifying the Mobile Home Roof Damage

Some of the factors that can cause damage to the mobile home roofs include high humidity in the air and high moisture output in the home. Moisture condensation problems can also result in roof damage.

Typically the need for mobile home roof repair can be identified from coffee stains on the roof, which are an indication of moisture. Mold growth can also signify towards roof, leak or damage. Roofing systems with screws that are used for attaching metal roof to heel plate can also develop leaks. It is possible to find cavities or holes from an inspection of the roof.

Cracks can also be identified from an inspection of the roof. Other possible reasons for roof damage include leaks along the seams, rusting of the roof, and. The inspection of the roof for possible leaks and damage can be done by using a ladder to climb on the roof. Each area of the roof should be checked for possible cracks, holes and other problems.

Process of Mobile Home Roof Repair

Mobile home roof repair in case of smaller leaks such as holes or cracks can be undertaken by using patching sealant. It is important to use a sealant that is compatible with the basic material used for the roof of the mobile home. The roof should also be thoroughly cleaned before applying the sealant. Cleaning of the roof allows the sealant to adhere to the roof in a better manner.

In case of small cracks or holes roofing cement can be used. In case of cracks that are larger than 1/4th inch melted plastic or glass fiber can be inserted into the crack and cement. Asphalt based products can also be used in repairing holes and cracks. Such products include fiber, aluminum in which is combined with asphalt and used as a roofing compound.

In case of mobile homes with damaged shingles, it is important to remove and replace the damaged shingles. This can be done by carefully removing shingles surrounding the damaged area. Once the damaged shingles are removed, new shingles of the same size can be fixed with nails. Roofing cement should be applied on the nails.

Protecting Your Roof

Another form of mobile home roof repair product is coating or rubber based coating. This coating comes in a thick liquid form and can be rolled on the surface. It can be best used on rubber based roofing solutions. Once the leaks and cracks in the roof have been filled, it is important to apply the roof coating since it can provide added protection to the roof against further damage.

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