Inspection in Minneapolis

Inspection in Minneapolis

Roof Inspection in Minneapolis

A roof inspection is somewhat like a prevention trip to the dentist. It’s much better to prevent rather than cure. An inspection is recommended once a year to stop the chance of complications that may result in bigger problems and costs. Whether you have a residential or commercial roof in Minneapolis the seasons with the intense Minnesota temperatures and climatic conditions cause a lot of constraints on the roof: In summer, intense heat drying the asphalt shingles;

From powerful winds which sweep the protective gravel and carry leaves and other debris that may clog gutters and drains and so create water piles particularly on Flat roofs, turn your roof into a pool of water, create overloads and deform construction by excess weights and create mold issues on structural timber In winter the accumulation of snow and ice too can deform the structure if the roof isn’t cleaned immediately.

A roof inspection could be thorough or a summary. Sellers Roofing Company is a group of Minneapolis roofing specialists and Minneapolis home inspectors, that do more than a roof inspection, but also make repairs quickly.


It’s not a good idea to venture on the roof to perform a roof inspection. So let an expert do it. Anyway even if you inspect the roof yourself and find something on your own then you’ll need to contact a roofing specialist. And if there is really a problem which you haven’t discovered, will have been pointless. A visual roof inspection is quick and lasts just 1-3 hours but you will have peace of mind.

On a sloped shingle roof here are some items to look for during an inspection:

  • Swollen, twisted or cracked shingles;
  • Shingles missing or damaged;
  • Broken shingles on the surface of the roof or around the roof;
  • Nails missing;
  • Color change of asphalt shingles and degradation of protective granules.ls;
  • Number of granules from the gutters;
  • Deformation of the ridge or other areas of the roof;
  • Rusted or corroded metal;
  • Chimney contours, drain or venting outlet with missing shingles or desiccated and cracked asphalt cement;
  • Clusters of leaves;
  • Valleys with wavy shingle.

On a flat roof with gravel or elastomeric membrane, a roof inspection is used to discover:

  • Little puddles announcing a roof deformation suggesting that the drain is no longer the lowest point;
  • The bells in the membrane;
  • Gravel missing in certain places protecting me over the membrane below;
  • Asphalt bubbles swelling the surface and upgrading the asphalt subsurface below the gravel;
  • Moss and vegetation on the roof;
  • roof rim of metal and perforated ventilation.

A preventative roof inspection is a fantastic way to improve the lifespan of your roof at an excellent price.


It’s not merely on the surface of the roof that anomalies could be detected during an inspection. For those who have an attic or attic that an inside roof inspection will discover a huge selection of issues on standby or going to hatch. Jesse from Water Damage Restore Minneapolis says, “You don’t want to wind up with water damage to your ceiling, floor and furniture and need water mitigation or with issues of moisture and formation of mold on the wood construction of resulting in structural replacement or decontamination projects”.

An interior roof inspection will also detect:

  • The deformation of the roof trusses indicating an overload on the construction;
  • Openings in the roof to permit a glimpse of sunlight from the interior of the absence of roof covering;
  • Stains on the wood indicating water infiltration;
  • Moisture mold or softened the wood causing loss of lift;
  • Damaged insulation;
  • Heating and attic ventilation adequate to guarantee a dry loft;
  • The presence of insects or animals.

An indoor and outdoor roof inspection once a year is quickly and will let you sleep in peace and prevent many issues.


Generally, the vast majority of roofers will come with a ladder and flashlight to get the loft for inspection. The only additional special tool that’s truly suggested for a fantastic roof inspection is the thermography. It’s often necessary to call on a company of specialists in building inspection because hardly any roofers have one.

The thermography is similar to a more advanced and a great deal more expensive camera which detects heat variations on surfaces. Employed on the roof: it can detect thermal ailments indicating, for instance, the infiltrations of air or water, the thermal bridges and the flaws of the insulation. It’s a really practical tool for an in-depth inspection.

The thermal camera can detect small or large temperature differences that show problems, mainly because of the fact that these places aren’t accessible.Thermography is used to do accurate inspections without needing to open ceilings or walls, known as non-invasive inspections. It’s used to identify a vast array of abnormal conditions which are imperceptible to the naked eye or using a flashlight.

The thermography can detect more efficiently:

An exterior and interior visual roof inspection in addition to your whole building using a thermograph will offer a clear picture of the situation of your construction.

  • Hidden flaws;
  • Electric overheats;
  • Water infiltration;
  • The molds;
  • The flow in the pipes;
  • The malfunction of the drain;
  • The reduction of electricity;
  • Inadequate insulation;
  • Ventilation problems;
  • The presence of rodents or insects.

Sellers Roofing Company is a group of roofing and construction inspection experts who will help you prevent, identify and resolve problems.


An inspection of the roof isn’t just utilized to prevent or solve existing or future issues. It can be quite handy for adding value to your dwelling. A visual building inspection using a thermography report by an expert will certify that your house has some insulation advantages. It can also report some tiny anomalies to fix and consequently showing greater transparency and honesty to the purchaser. It demonstrates that you acted in good faith and gave all advice to the purchaser visible or invisible to the naked eye.

If corrections are necessary, you’ll have the liberty to fix them and consequently increase the selling price of your construction. At Sellers Roofing Company – New Brighton we care about a job well done. We’re more than a group of roofers. Within our group, you will find roofers, building inspectors, architects, engineers, designers and general contractors in the building.

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