Roof Ridge Vent Pros and Cons

Roof Ridge Vent Pros and Cons

Most homeowners don’t give any second thought to their attic ventilation because it may not seem that important to them.  But the fact is, that forgetting all about it could be a very costly mistake.  Having the proper amount of attic ventilation can help protect your entire home,  not just the shingles and the roof deck underneath them.

Proper attic ventilation can contribute to a more comfortable living environment in the house, and prevent a ton of problems in the long run. In fact, a properly designed and installed attic ventilation system creates constant airflow all through the attic that helps reduce the amount of heat and moisture that could build up over time.

Why Attic Ventilation is So Important

The reason attic ventilation is so important, is because during the day, the heat from the sun builds up in the attic and radiates your home.

Then, in the evening, as everything cools off, it causes the surfaces in your attic to sweat. This creates moisture inside the attic, that can build over time. Moisture buildup inside the home can contribute to numerous conditions that can eventuaklly cause costly issues like rust, mold and mildew.

Not to mention that the excess moisture in general causes an increase of allergens that can cause cold and flu symptoms, and a number of other things, like poor air quality and eventually even structural damage to your home.

That’s not all… If the insulation in your attic gets wet, then it loses its ability to insulate… And that can’t be a good thing!

Did you know that a lack of attic ventilation is one of the main contributors to ice damming that causes extensive damage to homes every year? This costs homeowners thousands of dollars in repair costs every year!

Ways to Add Air Flow to the Attic

A properly installed roof ventilation system should be constructed in a wave that creates a constant flow of fresh air throughout the attic. Generally, his is accomplished by either using ridge vent, or by installing a soffit under the eaves, and then exits near the peak of the roof through which the air can exit.

The easiest way to accomplish having the proper amount of airflow in your attic is by using ridge vent, which is placed on the ridge of the roof and covered with cut shingle caps. Only ridge vent can provide a constant flow of air along the entire horizontal ridge of your home. With other exhaust systems, like fans, for instance, some air “pockets” or sections in the attic can be left un-ventilated.

Ridge vents also look aesthetically appealing, so they really make your roof look better while they improve the quality of airflow in your home! There are several other roof ridge vent pros and cons associated with having installed on your roof, which we have placed in easy to read bullet points below…

Hopefully, this will help you decide whether or not having roof vents installed on your roof is the right choice for you!

Roof Ridge Vent Pros and Cons - Pros

Ridge vents create a balanced temperature in your home
Ridge vents look aesthetically appealing
Ridge vents allow air flow throughout the house and attic
Ridge vents keep rodents out of the house
Ridge vents reduce indoor air pollution levels by up to 90%
Ridge vents are usually enough without extra ventilation
Ridge vents cannot be affected by the weather if properly installed

Roof Ridge Vent Pros and Cons - Cons

Ridge vents are not always adequate. I would love
Ridge vents can leak during heavy rains.
Ridge vents are more expensive than just cut roof cap
Ridge vent doesn’t work well in warmer climates
Ridge vent must be installed at the peak of your roof

Roof Ridge Vent Pros and Cons - Final Thoughts

If you’re still not convinced that installing roof vents is the best idea to ventilate your home, written a full article with detailed information about roof vent installation, and how to counteract some of the issues associated with poor ventilation on your own. But without wasting too much of your time, roof vent can save you up to 70% in maintenance and replacement costs in the long run. Not to mention the fact that you can extend the life on your roof by over double its life expectancy just by having a proper ventilation system installed on your home. We have experts on hand day and night to take your call if you’re interested in having your roof properly ventilated. 

Just click the button below to get in touch with us and we’ll come out at your convenience and give you a free, no hassle evaluation and roofing estimate! We look forward to hearing from you!

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