Roof Vent Installation MN's Choice Contractors!

Roof Vent Installation MN’s Choice Contractors!

Sellers Roofing Company offers roof vent installation services to all major suburbs in Minneapolis! As a 5-star rated roofer with over 12 years of experience in the roofing business, we always make it a habit to strive for excellence on every job that we get. We offer free roof inspections, very competitive pricing, and professional, qualified roofing crews that can handle any size or type of job in commercial and residential roofing.

In this article, we will discuss in depth attic ventilation it is important, and point out some common problems associated with not having adequate airflow in your attic. We will also tell you steps that you can take, and signs that you can look for to determine whether or not you have adequate ventilation in your attic, go over some pros and cons associated with different types of ventilation methods and tell you why roof ridge vent is the best method….

Having a Roof that Breathes Is Critical!

Did you know that improper roof vent installation is one of the leading causes of ice damming on roofs during the wintertime? It’s true. Improper attic ventilation causes warm air to accumulate in the attic, warming the roofing materials from the bottom, causing ice dams to form on the roof. This costs the homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in repair costs. In addition, improper attic ventilation can trap moisture in the home from daily activities like breathing, showering, and cleaning, contributing to a number of issues such as; mold, mildew, wood rot, and poor indoor air quality over time. 

Having an experienced roof vent installation specialist install your roof vent will help even out the roofing temperatures caused by warm air, helping to reduce the potential for ice damming. A properly installed roofing ventilation system will also offer numerous other benefits, such as improving your home’s air quality, reducing air born allergens, and reducing the strain put on your heating and air conditioning system, making your home more energy efficient as well

How Does Roof Ventilation Work?

The ventilation of a roof consists of circulating the air through an intake system (normally the soffit) and exhaust (via an evacuation valve). There are two commonly used ways that you can accomplish this: 

  1. Mechanical – Which requires a power source
  2. Natural – A good example of that is roof ridge vent.

According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, (ARMA)  the best ventilation system for your attic will create a balanced air intake and exhaust, which work together to circulate the air naturally and not obstruct airflow.  Roof ventilation works by allowing the air that heats up and rises to the attic to exit through the exhaust vents in the roof and creates a suction effect at the soffits that replaces the old air with new, fresh air. 

How to Know if Your Roof Ventilation is Adequate

The international standard requirement for roof ventilation is 1 sq. ft. of Net Free Area for every 150 sq. ft.  In this next section, will give you instructions on how to tell if your roof is properly ventilated  from the interior, and from the exterior of your home. If you are ever in doubt, or would just feel safer with the help of a trained professional, you can use the button at the bottom of this page or call us at 1-651-560-6355  and we would be glad to come out and inspect your attic and roof for proper air flow for free.

From the Exterior

During the wintertime, you can tell if your roof is properly ventilated by the buildup of ice on the edge of your roof and overheating conditions inside the home. Unfortunately, if these problems are not resolved early on, they can accelerate the deterioration of the underpayment, and possibly promote water infiltration, especially when the ice thaws out and begins to melt. 

From the Interior

From inside the home, some signs that you have insufficient roof ventilation by pockets of water on the walls, or dampness on the walls during the spring. If you  have ever seen your walls sweating, then there’s a good chance you have inadequate ventilation in your home. Another sign of poor ventilation is AC condensation buildup in the attic during the winter. 

Also, moisture can come from both outside and inside the house. Unfortunately, the barrier that is installed between the ceiling and insulation is never perfectly waterproof.  While you are checking your attic, be sure to pay special attention to the bathroom and kitchen vents that pass through the ceiling. Check around plumbing columns, chimney flues, and especially at the entrances of recessed wires and ceiling lights as well.

My Roof is Poorly Ventilated. What Do I Do?

Its always best to hire someone qualified to address these issues, so that you can rest assured that your problem will be taken care of the right way, but here are a couple things that you can do to help free up more air exchange:

Unclog or Replace Your Soffits

When checking your attic, make sure the soffits around your house or not clogged. It’s common for insulation to move and block air intake, especially if the airflow is insufficient. In time, your soffits may also have been colonized by birds or filled with dead leaves. Cleaning might be enough in some cases, but if you notice that your soffits are clogged, it may want to think about replacing them with a different style soffit that has small slots  in it to promote the entry of air but keep visitors out.

Re-Insulating Roof if Necessary

Reinoculate your ceiling It is possible that the insulation in your ceiling is insufficient then the heat that rises from the house in the roof is the one responsible for the main problems conversation or extreme heat in your attic. Re insulating the ceiling will allow you to keep the heat inside and save you money on your electricity bill, not to mention extending the life of your roof, and everything inside your home.

Final Thoughts - Do You Need Roof Vent Installation?

Sellers Roofing Company shoot in selecting the best roofs , and we offer free estimates in inspections in the greater Minneapolis area! click the button below to have one of our roofing experts come out and give you a full, hassle-free inspection and assessment. our experts will give you an industry-leading quote, and would be happy to make sure that your roofing needs are met today!

Sellers Roofing Company has operators on standby 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year to take your call. We offer emergency roofing services to all residents of new, Chaska, Roseville, Shoreview, and all surrounding Minneapolis areas! Give us a call today to set up a free no hassle estimate in inspection!  one of our experts will come out at your convenience and tell you if it’s even the right time to get a roof vent installation!  press the button below to  get in touch with us!

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