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Tierza L
Tierza L
01:03 02 Sep 21
Ted was amazing! He was extremely communicative, helpful, prompt, professional, and made sure we got the best possible outcome for getting our roof done! The roof ended up needing a ton more work than we had anticipated (the decking was rotted out on 85% of it) and he made the entire process as easy and painless as possible! The roof looks terrific, and I’m so happy knowing it’ll be safe for the winter! I can’t recommend him highly enough!
Anastasia Reinke
Anastasia Reinke
20:37 27 Aug 21
Had a leak in the roof and they were out to our place within an hour of first calling them. Really helpful and got it all done in one day.
Gary Chapman
Gary Chapman
11:49 20 May 21
They did a great job and when I notice a couple minor issues they were quick to repair them
00:15 28 Mar 21
Outstanding job! Very knowledgeable and fast response time. They identified what was wrong with the roof and made the necessary repair. If you need a roof job done right, call these guys!
Ken Iverson
Ken Iverson
20:51 14 Sep 20
My wife and I were very impressed with the quality of service and professionalism of Ted from the moment we first spoke all the way through the installation of our new roof. Ted used a drone with high resolution camera to show us exactly where hail damage had occurred without having to climb on our steep pitch roof. He worked with us tirelessly to get the final results we were looking for. He is very knowledgeable and consults other experts as needed to answer our questions. We highly recommend Ted!
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Roofing Contractor & Storm Damage Specialists in Coon Rapids, MN

Expert Roofing Replacement Throughout & Around Coon Rapids, MN

Sellers Roofing Company – New Brighton stands out from the rest of our competition with low, competitive pricing, expert-led trained, professional crews, and 100% satisfaction guarantees backing every commercial and residential roofing project we take on! When you pair that with our reputation of leaving behind state-of-the-artwork, our extensive experience working with every known roofing material type, and our friendly customer service, its easy to see why Sellers Roofing Company-New Brighton is the best roofing contractors Coon Rapids has to call on for consistently amazing results!

Keep reading to learn more about our various areas of expertise with commercial and residential roofing, and find out why Sellers Roofing is the best call you can make if you are looking for roofing contractors in Coon Rapids or anywhere in the greater Minneapolis area!

Trusted roof repair experts in Coon Rapids, MN

There are so many reasons our customers love working with Sellers Roofing Company – New Brighton! From our years in the roofing business, to the time and money that we invest on making sure our hands get trained properly, Sellers Roofing Company – New Brighton is the best roofing contractor Coon Rapids has to call on for any type of roof work! 


This next section will give you just a few of the benefits you will enjoy by making Sellers Roofing Company – New Brighton your roofing contractor:

Low, Affordable Rates

Now that it's easier than ever to just grab your phone and type in "Roofing Contractors near me" and come up with a handful of choices to choose from, Sellers Roofing Company - New Brighton makes it a point to go above and beyond for our customers! When you come to Sellers to get roofing work done, you can always expect to enjoy low, affordable rates that fit your budget, and won't break the banK!

State-of-the-Art Craftsmanship

With over 12 years worth of experience under our belts as commercial and residential roofing contractors, Sellers Roofing Company demands the highest level of excellence on every square foot of roof that we service! That's why if you ask around, you will likely find out that Sellers is known for leaving behind some of the most beautiful roofs in our industry!

Trained, Professional Crews

Sellers Roofing Company - New Brighton makes it a point to stay at the forefront of our industry when it comes to staying up to date on the latest changes in industry leading technology and any recent changes to state and international building codes. Our hands are trained to pay attention to detail while on the job, working efficiently and safely both on and off the roof!

Friendly Customer Service

Sellers Roofing Company - New Brighton has friendly operators waiting to take your call that are happy to work around your schedule to set up the best time for us to come out and meet with you to discuss your project! We have expert roofers that can come out and inspect your roof, and then work with you to find the perfect option for your project, and your budget!

Industry-Leading Guarantees

At Sellers Roofing Company - New Brighton, we take our work very seriously. Working for the residents of the greater Minneapolis area is more than just a job to us... It's a privilege and an investment! When you work with Sellers Roofing Company -New Brighton, you can expect us to deliver what we promise, and stand behind our work to make sure that you are 100^ satisfied with your roof!

#1 Roof Repair and Roof Replacement Company Coon Rapids, MN

When your home gets hit by a sudden severe weather storm and suffers damages, time is of the essence. It helps to have an experienced, qualified roofing contractor to call on that can get the damages assessed and get something done about it before the problem worsens. If you roof is showing signs of aging or you notice cracks, dents, bruises, or broken or missing shingles after a severe storm hits, or you have noticed damages to your roof around your dormers, skylights, chimneys, roof mounted equipment, vent pipes, etc., call on us to get the job done right and get your roof back to doing its job of protecting your belongings and your loved ones!

Sellers Roofing Company has commercial and residential roofing crews out on roofs every day in the Minneapolis area. We have the manpower at our disposal ready to tackle any job from routine maintenance and leak detection to large scale commercial contracts and light industrial. We also have experts available to inspect for storm damage claims if your roof or any other part of your home or business’s exterior has been damaged by severe weather, falling debris, or any other unexpected natural occurrence.

Sellers Roofing Company- New Brighton specializes in roof repairs, roof replacements, and new roof installations of any size, shape, and material type, and our expert crews can be dispatched quickly, and have your roofing project installed safely, correctly, and in a timely manner!

Residential Roofing Services Coon Rapids

Commercial Roofing Services Coon Rapids

Residential Roofing Material Types

  • 3-Tab & Architectural Asphalt Shingles
  • Metal Roofing
  • Clay & Concrete Tile Shingles
  • Slate Shingles
  • Wood & Wood Shake Shingles
  • Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Rubber Roofing
  • Solar Tile Roofing
  • Aluminum, Copper,  & Zinc Alloys
  • Grass (Green) Roof

Commercial Roofing Material Types

  • Thermoplastic TPO Roofing
  • EPDM Roofing
  • PVC Roofing
  • SPF Spray Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Acrylic Rolls
  • (BUR) Built-Up Roofing
  • Asphalt Rolls
  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels
  • Green Roofing

If you have been looking for a reliable roofing contractor that you’ll depend on for consistently amazing service and affordable low costs, give Sellers Roofing Company a call today!


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Hail Damage Repair
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