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We are the trusted roofing experts for Fridley, Minnesota. Our roofing contractors in Fridley are here to help you with your roof repair, or emergency roofing needs every step of the way. As the established and dependable roofing company in your Fridley community, you deserve to have the best roofing contractors.

If you’ve recently experienced a severe weather event, be sure to give us a call as soon as you can. Extreme weather events include:


 ‏Lightning Strikes‏

 ‏High Winds‏


 ‏Hail and Ice Storms

‏Our friendly roofing contractors are happy to visit you and ensure that the roof over your and your family’s heads provides you with the safety you need. Often, minor damages that go uninspected or neglected can quickly escalate and become a worse headache — and significantly larger repair bill.‏

‏Did you know that high winds, hail, or even a thunderstorm can wreak havoc on your roof? Minor damages such as torn, cracked, or missing shingles may not immediately seem disastrous. But those few torn shingles could quickly compound into a costly emergency if left unchecked. Leaves, moss, or water can make their way into the substrata of the roof. 

You may not notice the damage immediately, but it can cause a devastating water leak or worse later.‏ Do you know how old your roof is? If your roof is entering its teenage years, you’ll want to call us to be sure there isn’t any mold or mildew accumulating in dangerous places.‏


‏Don’t let a few cracked or missing shingles, turn into a catastrophe for your family. Call us today to come out and provide a professional, risk-free inspection of your roof. We offer roof repair and emergency roofing for our residential friends in and near Fridley. ‏Our trustworthy roofing contractors near Fridley, Minnesota are here to help you, our neighbors. We look forward to meeting you, friend.