Seven Useful Roofing Tips

Seven Useful Roofing Tips

Roofing Tips

Laying a new roof does not have to be a complete disaster. Whether you are opting to lay the roof yourself, or getting a professional in – here are seven useful roofing tips that might come in handy. Always read through the instructions from the manufacturer before starting any work. Once this is done – make sure to follow the advice. You should find instructions for most roofing materials purchased and by following the instructions from the manufacturer, you are making sure that the warranty is not void. Always start laying the roof on the side that is mostly seen as it is easiest to get the first side laid with the most even appearance.


Laying New Roof


Gable roofs:

If you are right-handed it is best to start at the left rake as it allows you to freely swing your arm when working. If you are left-handed, start from the right rake. Interlocking tiles might have to be laid from the right in order to hook them accordingly. Start at the Centre by snapping vertical chalk lines at an equal distance from the corners. Once done, work from the Centre and outwards in both directions.

Lay New Roof

Both the starter course and the first course can be applied from the roof, but it might be advisable to work from a ladder or scaffold to avoid getting dizzy. Press your hips between the rails of the ladder whist working. Once you have finished the starter course and the first course, go to the starting point and lay a fan-shaped pattern of shingles rather than laying the shingles one layer at the time. After five courses move sideways and start another fan. When it comes to nailing the roofing materials down, make sure to use the correct type, length and number of nails. They will also have to be nailed down at the correct positions.

Make sure to align shingles and tiles. If you are roofing over old materials, the new shingles should hopefully line up easily enough. For new roofs you will have to snap chalk lines in order to keep shingles or tiles aligned. You are very fortunate if your courses meet up nice and evenly at the ridge. Unfortunately, the chances are this is not the case. Hopefully you measured the roof before laying any materials and knew to compensate if it was not a perfect rectangle. You should compensate gradually by trimming the materials by the least obvious rake or alternatively, gradually shorten the exposure on the courses as you are going nearer the ridge.

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