Tin Roof Rusted? - We Can Help! Pro Tips Here

Tin Roof Rusted? – We Can Help! Pro Tips Here

Is your tin roof rusted? We can help! All sheet metal roofs, including pre-painted galvanized steel roofs, are inarguably the strongest roofing material type on the market. They are known for having great durability and surviving between 60 to 100 years on average. However, just like any other component of your home, your sheet metal roof will need to be properly maintained in order to stand the test of time.

From our experience, the problems that arise from metal roofs 99% of the time are either poor maintenance, or a poor install to begin with.  If your tin roof is rusted, chances are that your metal roof was never protected with any kind of coating to properly protect it from the elements, Even though metal roofs when properly installed and maintained offer numerous benefits over asphalt roofing…

The fact is that sheet metal roofs are not infallible. Just like anything else exposed to nature’s harsh elements on a daily basis… They are vulnerable to a number of issues. Metal roofs are commonly affected by issues such as; air corrosion, temperature changes, and bad weather, just to name a few. If your tin roof rusted ahead of schedule, our metal roofing experts can help!

This article will give you some steps that you can take to properly maintain your new metal roof, ensuring that you can enjoy the longest life span possible to protect your life’s investments this time around.

Steps to Properly Maintain a Metal Roof

It is very important to use the best practices to properly maintain your metal roof after you have one installed. In short, a metal roof that has been weakened by air corrosion, extreme weather, or other environmental factors over time can lead to structural damage and poor attic ventilation. Those problems, when left unattended can lead to all types of other costly problems.

This article will give you steps that you can take to properly maintain your sheet metal roof so that you can enjoy the added protection that metal roofs have to offer, and make your investment last as many years as possible for your hard earned money.

There are three main steps to properly maintain a sheet metal roof:

Step 1: Routine Roof Inspections

This is the first step in properly maintaining your metal roof. Sheet metal roofs can lose its integrity over time. Especially they aren’t properly installed, to begin with. It is important to have your metal roof inspected by an experienced metal roofing expert periodically, to ensure that your roof is properly installed correctly and doing its job.

All of the components of your metal roof should be inspected including:

  • Chimney
  • Windows
  • Skylights
  • Roof Penetrations

Periodic roofing inspections will ensure that your roofing system is still functioning properly and meeting the requirements of local and international codes. The slightest problem could cause leaks, and the damaged areas can worsen when not properly addressed.

Luckily, Sellers Roofing Company offers free roof inspections to residents and businesses of the greater Minneapolis area! Call us any time, day or night to set up a convenient time to meet with one of our experienced roofing experts, and let’s make sure that you are getting the most out of your investments!

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Step 2: Metal Roof Cleaning

First and foremost, avoid using solvents and abrasive cleaners in your metal roof. Traces of caulking compound, oil, tar, wax, and other similar substances could be cracked, damaged, or removed with the wrong cleaner. If you do time you apply a solvent, use extreme caution, and wash with detergent and rinse thoroughly after you’re done.

Specialists in sheet metal roof restoration generally restore the roof with a liquid rubber product. After cleaning the roof with a pressurized machine and covering the joints and screws with a rubber-based coating, they apply the famous product to your roof to seal it. This is the recommended solution to make your roof waterproof and will solve all your water infiltration problems. This product is more powerful and more durable than any type of paint, providing extended durability and prolonging the life of your to roof.

Step 3: Repainting

Sheet metal roofs have a varied service life depending on their composition (copper, aluminum, galvanized steel). Unlike an asphalt shingle roof, this type of roof can be repainted after a few years to prolong the life of your roof. Aside from the aesthetic value of the paint, which can be found in a multitude of colors, painting your roof doubles as a protective function, adding years to your roof’s life and keeping your roofing system properly protect your roof from a number potential issues, while reducing the heat load on the roofing material, and lowering energy costs. These coverings are comprised of urethanes, acrylics, silicones, SEBS, SVS, and other types.

Here are 5 reasons to repaint your sheet metal roof:

  1. The paint on your tin roof is peeling;
  2. The color of the roof is faded
  3. The painting needs retouching
  4. You do not like the color of your roof
  5. You do not want or can’t afford to invest in a new roofin


While roof repainting can pay off substantially in the long run, you should bear in mind that paint does not replace a new roof. By the same token, repainting does not ensure the tightest covering, and therefore can not offer the same level of protection over time as a new roof installation. As a rule, repainting is used more as a protection and a decoration for your existing roof.

Pressure washing should be avoided unless you are a professional. (Just so you know what to look out for, and don’t shoot yourself in the foot, so to speak.)

Roof Safety for Do It Yourselfers

Maintenance work on a roof is dangerous, as you will be several meters above the ground. It is therefore important to ask a friend or family member to assist you if only to ensure your balance when using the ladder. Roofs, especially sheet metal roofs… Are quite slippery because of their compressed molecular composition, and their slope. It would be wise to invest in safety shoes before getting up on your roof to do any type of work.

It is clearly not recommended to carry out maintenance or repair work when the weather is not favorable. Summer is the best time to maintain your sheet metal roof to avoid accidents, and when possible, wait until the roof is totally dry preferably, and keep your wet work in front of you to avoid slips. (It is a bad feeling sliding down the roof.)

Precautions to take when maintaining a sheet metal roof:

  • Get non-slip shoes
  • Pay attention to electrical wires
  • Keep wet work in front of you
  • Start when the roof is dry
  • Dry in unfinished areas if you need to break
  • Tie off if possible to prevent falls

In addition, when performing work on your roof, you at some point may be exposed to overhead cables. If so, you run a double risk: that of being electrocuted and that of falling down the roof. In case of danger, do not hesitate to call the Sellers Roofing Company’s customer service department at or contact us online using any one of our buttons or forms here on the website.

Roof Cleaning and Repainting Tips

If you do decide to repaint your roof on your own, it is essential to 

  1. Remove all traces of paint or plaster that was previously there before you begin. 
  2. Scrape and brush anything that lifts. 
  3. If there is rust or stubborn areas, clean them at high pressure with a deoxidizer to remove them and improve adhesion. (The application of an adhesive will also add additional protection in the presence of rust.)

You can use a number of methods to properly clean your roof before repainting including; sandblasting, high-pressure pickling, or gel pickling. Generally, your first project should be a powerful jet of sand, followed by the use of a powerful jet of water. Then gel stripper is applied and then removed using rotating nozzles

Tin Roof Rusted? Final Thoughts

In the end, the safety and International and local code factors involved with buildings and Roofing systems, it’s always better to seek professional help if you’re unsure of something. Having the help of a professional, licensed roofer is of the utmost importance when you’re protecting your life’s Investments. Seller’s Roofing Company is always here for you, with operators on standby 24 hours a day 7 days a week to cover the emergency roofing needs of the greater Minneapolis area!

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