Vinyl Siding Hail Damage

Vinyl Siding Hail Damage

Besides earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes, one of the most devastating acts of Mother Nature to properties is hailstorms. They drop like icy bullets and damage anything on contact, including walls and roofs. When a siding is subjected to a stream of hailstones, the impact will obviously show in the form of mini engraves.

Typically, on a vinyl siding, the aftermath marks will only puncture the exterior. However, there are some hail that make holes through the surface. Although vinyl siding is an excellent option for safeguarding your house against adverse weather conditions, there are some scenarios where it may be affected considerably, and a replacement may be the only option.

Identifying Hail Damage to Vinyl Siding

As mentioned earlier, Vinyl is one of the most potent sidings on the planet. It can take on even the most adverse weather conditions as it boasts the most durable resistance and durability features. It is designed to resist UV rays and high winds. Nonetheless, like everything else, it has its shortcomings. Sizeable hailstones dropping at specific angles can damage it considerably.

To ascertain whether your sidling has been damaged or not, look at it comprehensively. Check everything around your house, from back to front and from top to bottom. This is to ensure that you do not miss any damages. Look for cracks or chips in the siding.

Here are three main signs of vinyl siding damage after a hail storm;

Vinyl Siding Hail Damage

Vinyl Siding Hail Damage

  •  Holes:Wind-driven or huge hailstones can easily cause holes in your vinyl siding. This means water can go through and cause even more damage to your property.
  •  Cracks:They run parallel to the siding and are usually found towards the valley of the panel and center of the ridges. The cracks generally appear in the form of a semi-circle.
  • Chips:In sections where flexibility is minimal, pieces of vinyl siding may break if there is a definite hit. It takes place at the bottom, and it is generally in the shape of a semi-circle.

What to do after a hail storm

Although other parts of your home will take quite a beating because of heavy winds and the storm, it’s a good idea to concentrate on the siding damage first. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Look for damages

As mentioned earlier, common signs of damage are breaking, chipping, and cracking. Others include; stripped paint, broken panels, and discoloration.

2. Know your insurance coverage

Once you have an idea of the extent to which the damage is, switch your mind to your insurance coverage. Go through your policy and make sure you understand what it covers and what it doesn’t. This is one of the best ways to get the best deal. For instance, some covers include residing your entire house, regardless of how small or big the damage is.

3. Your Options

Now, depending on the type of insurance you have and the extent of the hail damage to your vinyl siding, you may have a few options. Determining whether it is viable sort the repairs only or invest in a complete re-siding. Go through all the advantages and disadvantages of the different options and make an informed choice that will give your property the best value.

4. Make a Claim

Before filing an insurance claim, call a reputable vinyl siding professional in your region to get an idea of how much the repair or re-siding will cost. In most scenarios, the contractor and insurance company will provide almost similar amounts. However, if there is a big difference, it will be wise for you to look into this prior.

5. Focus on Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. This doesn’t just apply to diseases. It also applies to the construction industry. While it is almost impossible to counter a natural disaster, you can minimize the odds of your vinyl siding getting damaged by hailstorms through pruning bushes and trees as well as getting rid of any dangerous branches or trees.

Wrapping it up

With an increase in adverse weather conditions over the past five years, homeowners worldwide are, experiencing damage to their property’s Vinyl siding quite often. Besides looking awkward, a damaged siding leaves the elemental parts of your house vulnerable to rot, which can lead to even more significant problems. As such, it is crucial that you take immediate steps to protect your house.

For instance, setting up tarps to keep extra water out while submitting your claim can go a long way. Actually, most insurance policies cover the cost of setting up tarps as well as other protective techniques.






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