What Are Ridge Vents on a Roof?

What Are Ridge Vents on a Roof?

What Are Ridge Vents on a Roof?

If you have ever asked yourself the question, “What Are Ridge Vents on a Roof?” – Well, we wanted to give you an easy description and a few pictures of ridge vent to help you tell them apart from other types of roof vents.  We also wanted to share some pro advice on what features to look for in your roof ridge vent to make sure it provides the best possible protection from Minnesota weather.


Native residents of the Twin Cities are well aware of the fact that the weather in Minneapolis can be sudden and unpredictable… Even devastating at times. Because we talk to homeowners about their roofs every day, we have noticed that many Minnesotan homeowners are left in a kind of grey area when it comes to knowing the difference between brands of roof ridge vent, which is better, and why it could make a big difference in terms of performance to choose the best brand roof ridge vents.


Let’s get started!



What Are Ridge Vents on a Roof?


To answer your question, “What are ridge vents on a roof?” – Ridge vents are a type of roofing ventilation that, as you can see in the video by GAF above, is installed flush against the eave or peak of the roof and allows the hot air inside your attic to escape, while pulling in fresh air to replace it. Attic ventilation is very important to preserve the life of your roofing system, and prevent problems that can occur when your attic is improperly ventilated.  Improper attic ventilation can cause overheating during the summer months, insufficient heating during the winters, moisture buildup, rust, mold and bacteria, and create extra strain on your ait conditioners.



How Do Ridge Venta Work? - A Picture of Installed Roof Ridge Vent Borrowed from Home Depot

How Do Ridge Vents Work? – A Picture of Installed Roof Ridge Vent Borrowed from Home Depot


How Do Ridge Vents Work?


Roof ridge vents run along the ridge of the roof, generally the entire legnth of the roof, on the top of your shingles. There is a gap on either side if the ridge cut about 1 inch down to let air in, and then the ridge vent is mounted on top of the ridge to cover the gap and let the air enter the attic while safeguarding you from weather and pests.


After the vent is installed on the ridge, it is fastened on each side and then capped with shingle caps that match the existing shingles on your roof.


So, how do ridge vents work?


Ridge vents work by allowing air exchange in the attic relying on a couple of natural principles that work together once the ridge vents are installed.


1. Thermal Effect – When the sun heats your roof, the air in your attic gets hot and rises naturally to the top, escaping out of your ridge vent through tiny vent like openings in the side of the ridge vents.


2. Passive Ventilation: When the hot air leaves the attic, it creates a negative pressure that pulls fresh air in through the sofits to replace it, creating areas of high and low pressure, thereby circulating the air in your attic with a steady exchange of fresh air. This process is known as passive ventilation; the most common way to ventilate an attic.



Are Roof Ridge Vents Worth It?


Roof ridge vent, in many cases is superior to gable vents & louver vents, because they offer continuous air flow across the entire legnth of the roof. This provides a more even are exchange throughout the attic, instead of just areas of air exchange like the other vents styles offer.


It’s important to have an experienced professional roofer install your ridge vent, so that you can achieve the correct level of attic ventilation to protect your roof and home correctly. Factors like wind direction, the shape of your roof, how many ridges you have, the weather in your area, etc., will all play into what type of ventilation is best for your home and where the vents should be placed.



If you would like an expert opinion,Sellers Roofing Company always offers free inspections and estimates! With over 12 years of experience in residential and commercial roofing, we have the qualifications and experience to help you decide what’s best for your project.


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What Are the Best Ridge Vents for Minnesota Residents

What Are Ridge Vents on a Roof? 


Roof ridge vents have evolved over the years and are now available with improved features designed to fight against rain and high winds, deter unwanted pests, and more, with unique characteristics ranging from baffles with internal weather filters and under-eave venting, to eco-friendly models made of 100% recycled material…


There have been test studis done to test the ability of roof ridge vent to withstand rain and high winds, like the test done by Air Vent Inc., in the video above, and like this test conducted by Florida International University on the water infiltration resistance and overall performance of different roof ventilation methods during hurricanes…


But what does that translate to for me as a Minnesota homeowner?


Well here is where our years of experience and our relationships with Minneapolis homeowners has paid off…


Choosing the Best Ridge Vent for Minneapolis Weather


Here are our top picks for the best ridge vent for Minneapolis weather, and the features that make them superior models:





1. Air Vent Ridge Shingle Vent II – Air Vent Inc. definately puts in their homework when it comes to making sure that their products deliver. The Shingle Vent ll ridge vents come with an external baffle and internal weather filter, offering maximum air exchange while protecting your home from pests and severe weather.



2. Shingle Ridge Vent by QUARRIX Building Products – The Shingle Ridge Vents are another ridge vent model that we believe is worth mentioning. This model comes with a patented StormStop® Membrane that works to block rain, dust, or snow from entering the attic.



What Are Ridge Vents on a Roof? – Final Thoughts


Im summary, ridge vents with tested methods for keeping out rain, dust, and snow are best for Minneapolis residents. If you decide to go with another brand other than what we’ve mentioned, look tor advanced weather resistance features or patented technology, so you can be sure your ridge vents are ready for the erratic weather here in the Twin Cities.


Again, if you prefer the help of a professional roofing contractor, our experts are on hand and ready to come out and meet you to discuss your project with you at your convenience. Give us a call at (651)-703-2336, or click any of the buttons on our site like the one below to schedule your free roof inspection and assessment.


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