What does wind damage look like on a roof

What does wind damage look like on a roof

Wind damage is a possibly the most common reason for a damaged roof in most households. There are several types of damage high winds can cause to your roof, such as leaks, missing shingles, and gutter problems. Roofing shingles will take a beating during high winds, despite most being rated to withstand 90 mph winds as damage to your roof can even begin at around 50 mph.

What is Wind Damage?

The fact is most homeowners may assume that roofs are invincible, but they really aren’t. Even if they are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, they can sometimes be of no match to the wrath of Mother Nature.

When high winds hit, they do not hit your roof evenly across the surface. In most cases, the edges/corners of the roof are especially sensitive to damage from strong winds. The wind can get under a corner or small piece of the shingle and curl it, thus breaking the sealant between each layer leading to leaks.

In some cases, the shingles are simply ripped off completely. The effect can become even worse as anywhere the roofing material is even a little bit loose, the wind can get below it and push it up and even start a chain peeling effect. This sort of damage can start very small, but with time can pose a serious problem over time through repeated exposure to wind.

So, unless they are securely installed, asphalt shingles, and even wooden shingles, are no match for the strength of the wind. Additionally, high winds can blow debris around and cause trees and limbs to fall on your roof.

How To Spot Wind Damage?


How To Spot Wind Damage

Spotting wind damage, on a roof isn’t too difficult. At times, it can even be visible if you are looking up from the ground. However, it is important to know what it is you’re looking for. The following are the most common and prevalent signs of roof damage caused by, wind which indicate the need for roof repair.

Roof Leaks: These are perhaps the easiest to find, simply because there is water coming into your house, where it, shouldn’ Look in your attic or on your top floor for wet spots or water dripping from the ceiling. Be sure to call an expert roofer immediately!

Missing Shingles:Strong winds, heavy rain, or falling tree branches can pull off your shingles.

Curling Shingles:Curling shingles are most often found at stress points on the roof, i.e. the corners, the edges etc. When shingles are curled, they can no longer keep water from leaking through the roof, although these are harder to find than a shingle which is simply missing.

LiftingShingles:These are hard to spot. As they tend to look normal from the ground. However, in reality, the nails have loosened, “lifting” the shingle up, and potentially breaking the, sealant between each shingle layer, leading to an increase in the likelihood of a leak.

Granules in Gutters: While it is normal to lose some granules over time due to age, losing a large amount at once can be concerning. As granules help keep your roof and home free from damage, it is important to address this issue right away. If granules are missing from a majority of your roof, you may be due for a roof replacement.

Damaged flashing: This is an essential roofing component used to prevent leaks between the joints in the roof. High winds and flying debris can cause flashing to tear or buckling to occur around roof penetrations. Chimney flashing is also very susceptible to tearing because a chimney stands separate from the house.




What does wind damage look like on a roof in New Brighton, MN


What to Do if Your Roof has Wind Damage

If you spot these signs on your roof caused by wind and/or flying debris, it’s crucial that you contact a roofing professional to get it fixed immediately. The longer you wait, the more damage will occur which could result in a range of consequences, such as leaks, mold growth, wood rot, and similar problems.

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