What to know when your roof has storm damage

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A good storm can be nice once in a while, it’s a night to hunker down and watch some scary movies, but when that storm damages your roof, it’s not so fun. Here’s what homeowners in Minnesota should know when a storm does damage to your roof. We’ll show you how to identify the damage and teach you what to expect when filing an insurance claim.

Go Out and check the Damage

The morning after you’ve had a big storm, you should get out and check the damage. If you see tree branches strewn across your roof, don’t worry, you can easily remove those yourself, but if you see signs of rupturing or damaged granules, you’ve got a problem. Rupturing can lead to a leaky roof, which leads to water damage, which leads to a very expensive issue. Damaged granules are also a problem, but they’re less concerning than rupturing.


The most obvious things to look for are dimples in your roof. If you spot dimples, it’s an indication that the outer roof has been damaged by hail. Also look for missing shingles, which is a sure sign that your roof has been damaged by the hail storm and is in need of repair.

Don’t Forget to Check for Damage From the Inside

It’s important to remember that storm damage isn’t always visible from the outside. While you’ll find most signs of storm damage on the exterior by spotting physical damage to the roof, water damage can be more subtle.

When checking your home for damage after a storm, be sure to take a peek up in the attic and look for water damage.

How to Handle Your Insurance Claim

In the state of Minnesota, you have a 2 year period in which you can make an insurance claim to cover the costs of roof damage caused by a storm. The rule of thumb in these matters is to file your claim as early as possible. Document the damage right away and be sure to take pictures before contacting your insurance company.

One thing to keep in mind is that many of the insurance companies in Minnesota don’t pay out until after repairs have been made. Once you’ve filed a claim it’s critical that you call a reliable roofing contractor and schedule an appointment to make the repairs. The sooner you have your roof repaired, the sooner you can get your hands on that insurance money. If you try fixing your roof yourself, your insurance company will likely frown on it as they prefer repairs to be done by professionals.

Have Storm Damage on Your Roof? You Know Who to Call

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