Where is Saint Paul, Minnesota?

Where is Saint Paul, Minnesota?

Saint Paul is the capital city of the state of Minnesota as well as the county seat of Ramsey County. The city is located to the east of the Mississippi River near the point in which it joins the Minnesota River. This way, Saint Paul adjoins Minneapolis is giving themselves the nickname of the “Twin Cities”. Most of the city’s history is related to water as trading was a key fact, during the XIX and XX centuries.

Consequently, the city is nowadays full of lakes and parks, keeping its traditional origins. There are eight different lakes and more than 160 parks. Thus, the city is ranked #2 in park access, right after the number 1 Minneapolis.

Due to its location to the North of the USA, the city has a continental climate. This means that the temperatures use to change constantly during the year. The winters are usually really cold (being -29 �F ( -34 �C) the minimum) and they can include diverse events such as snow, rain and thunderstorms. On the other hand, the summer is mainly warm with temperatures below the 105 �F (40 �C).

In regards to the city’s geographical organization, it was divided into 17 different Planning Districts in 1979. This division came up after the idea of allowing the neighborhoods to participate actively in governance and it has worked properly as the councils have enough land-use control in order to organize the inhabitants of the 17 districts. Nowadays, the city has a population of 308.000 people, approximately, after the census made in 2010 that showed a number of 285.068.

Saint Paul is highly recognized for its cultural and higher education institutions. Among them , there are the University of Saint Thomas, a part of the University of Minnesota and the Science Museum of Minnesota. Undoubtedly, the fact that these two cities go hand in hand, offers them more opportunities in several fields such as education, culture, health, finances and the industry. For instance, Saint Paul hosts an annual carnival called Saint Paul Winter Carnival.

It is celebrated since the late XIX century and more than 300.000 visitors go each year in order to enjoy the ice sculpting showcases and the varieties of winter food. In addition, Saint Paul is the birthplace of great artists such as Charles M. Schulz, the creator of the comic Peanuts, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, the writer and novelist behind “The Great Gatsby”.



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