Why Is Hail Damage Bad For Your Roof?

Why Is Hail Damage Bad For Your Roof?
roofing shingle with hail damage

The roof is one of the most important parts of any residential or commercial building since they keep everything within it safe and secure from the elements. If the roof is damaged by inclement weather, such as hail, what starts out as a small issue can easily transform into a major problem. The information below covers the telltale signs of hail damage on roofs and why it is bad.

  1. 1. Missing Shingles
  2. One surefire sign of hail damage is missing shingles and exposed sections of the roof. You don’t want to leave this issue unaddressed for too long. Missing shingles that are left unaddressed for too long can compromise the integrity of your roof and water leaks may develop over time as a result. In the end, you might find yourself staring at expensive roof repairs or even the more expensive roof replacement.
  4. 2. Cracked Shingles
  5. Cracked roof shingles can be the result of many different things such as exposure to inclement weather and sunlight, which can make them brittle. Other types of regular wear and tear include flaking, blistering, and cracking. If you notice cracks on your roof shingles especially after a hail storm, however, that could be an indicator that the roof needs maintenance.To identify cracks in your roof shingle, you should go up the roof and visually check for them and run your hand over the roof to physically feel them. Keep in mind that roof shingles usually react differently when struck by hail, for instance, and that damage to composition and asphalt shingles may look different than hail damage to wood shingles.
  7. 3. Bruising
  8. If you see smaller dents on your roof, it indicates that the hail storm caused what’s referred to as “bruising”. You can feel along the roof’s surface for dimples to identify any bruised portion of the roof. If the bruising is not severe, you don’t really need to do anything. Still, it can predict the chances of future wear and tear of the roof. If the dimples have any kind of giving when you press them, it is a sign that the shingles have started decaying. In such a situation, it is advisable to call a roofing professional for a complete inspection to safeguard the lifespan of the roof.
  10. 4. Soft Spots on the Roof
  11. If you are willing to climb onto the roof and inspect it up close and personal after a hailstorm, you should definitely look out for soft spots. Run your hand across sections of the roof you suspect might have been damaged in the storm. If any part feels soft, just like a ripe apple’s skin, chances are that the roof has suffered serious damage that may lead to serious problems such as water leaks, and that immediate repairs are necessary.
  13. 5. Cracked or Dented Roof Vents
  14. Cracked or dented roof vents are another strong indication of a hail damaged roof. The vents are typically composed of lightweight metal. If heavy hailstones hit the lightweight metal, it causes dents. It may actually cause more serious damage in some instances, such as actual breakthroughs on the material and this may lead to more serious issues such as roof leaks that may require expensive repairs.
  16. 6. Granules in the Roof Gutters
  17. Hail storms may cause granules in shingles to come loose and the water will then push the pieces into your gutters. So, when inspecting your roof gutters after a hailstorm, you should look inside to check for any shingle granules. It is important to remember that the granules may be incredibly small in size. Loose granules show that the roof is no longer providing the necessary protection, which is why you need to call in a professional to come fix the damage.

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Final Thoughts

If you suspect that your roof has suffered hail damage based on the criteria provided here, it is a good idea to have the roof examined thoroughly by a reputable roofing professional. They will make an accurate assessment of the damage, which includes any damage to the shingles and roof membrane, and will also explain to you the consequences of the damage. If the damage is extensive, you can make a hail damage roof insurance claim.

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