Why you shouldn't repair or replace your roof by yourself

Why you shouldn’t repair or replace your roof by yourself

Thinking about repairing your roof by yourself ? Here’s why you should scrap that idea and call an experienced contractor instead. Roofing isn’t for everyone, it can be dangerous and it’s easy to make costly mistakes. If words like granules, hip, and drip edge sound Greek to you, then you’ll want to read this before trying any roof repairs by yourself.

It might Not Fix the Problem, or You Could Make a Bigger Problem

Throwing on your tool belt, cracking open a beer, and pulling out the ladder might sound like a great way to start fixing your roof. For most guys, that’s about as far as they get. Many homeowners lack the proper tools to fix advanced roofing problems. Their lack of knowledge can also get them into trouble.

Your wife might like the idea of saving money by doing the job yourself, but she’s not going to warm up to the bucket of water in the kitchen after you bugger it up and wind up with a leaky roof.

Furthermore, it’s all too easy to place a ladder improperly and bust a window or send your gutters crashing to the ground.

The Finish Will Never Be the Same

Even if you manage not to break anything and successfully repair your roof, you won’t have the same finish as a professional. That perfect finish catches the eye and appeals to our sense of aesthetics. While a roof repair job may have succeeded functionally, it might not look pretty.

You’ll Lose Money

A lot of guys think that they can save money by doing repairs themselves. For some projects, this is true, but when it comes to roofing, you have a much higher chance of losing money by trying to do it yourself than saving any.

One thing that a lot of folks forget when opting to fix their roof themselves is the amount of money they’ll have to spend on tools and equipment, including safety gear. By the time you’ve purchased everything you’d need to fix your roof, you’re probably looking at receipt that could land you in the hospital faster than falling off your roof. Roofing contractors already have all of the necessary equipment, meaning you don’t have to pay for all of the tools from scratch.

If you spring for a roofing contractor to do the job, it’ll get done right, which will give you something a lot more valuable than all the tools in the world, peace of mind.

You’ll Drive Yourself Crazy

You can’t fix a roof if you don’t know what signs to look for. Trying to find the source of a leak or other roofing problem without sufficient industry knowledge or expertise can easily kill a whole day that you could have spent with your family.

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